Een Sixpack Vreemde Verhalen reviewed in dutch!

The dutch translation of Six Pack o’ Strange Tales, Een Sixpack Vreemde Verhalen, gets its first review! Horror site gives it a 3/5 rating, and it can be read in its entirety here.


Een Sixpack Vreemde Verhalen is out!

EEN_SIXPACK_VREEMDE_VERHALENToday, Een Sixpack Vreemde Verhalen is released! At the moment of writing, the e-book can be purchased and downloaded through the publisher’s webshop, which can be reached through this link, but in the coming days databases will be updated and several other distributors/outlets will be added.

More information about the dutch translation can be found here.

Get ready for “Een Sixpack Vreemde Verhalen”!

EEN_SIXPACK_VREEMDE_VERHALENWatch out! On March 16th, a dutch version of Six Pack o’ Strange Tales, entitled “Een Sixpack Vreemde Verhalen”, will be released by Sigill förlag. The translation will be available as an e-book through various distributors and shops, and if that wasn’t enough – it will be available for free, during the first 24 hours.

Yes, that’s right! Regardless wether you read dutch or not, you’ll be able to get your hands on a free digital copy of “Een Sixpack Vreemde Verhalen”, through this very blog!

So, remember, free stuff’s a-coming this way, March 16th!

Ben je klaar voor de trip?

Help get Faun to America!

There is still time to help Michael Faun, author of “Six Pack o’ Strange Tales” to America, to attend KrallCon 2014. The event, hosted by none other than Jordan Krall, writer and mastermind behind the excellent Dynatox Ministries, will take place between April 4th – 6th this year.

Currently, an IndieGoGo campaign is under way. The idea is to raise money to help get Faun, and UK author Robert Harris, to America. While the inital goal of 1000$ already has been met, there are still contributor perks to be claimed, such as exclusive paperbacks written especially for this occasion.


Brief update

Howdy! Here follows a brief news update:

The Halloween giveaway was a smash hit, and it is not unlikely that we’ll do it all over again, in the near future. We’ll make sure to give you the details if and when that happens. Meanwhile, you can still get your own copy of the ebook, for the shamelessly low price of $3.74 over at

Furthermore, another review’s just in! Horror fiction site Swedish Zombie has published a review of the book, and it’s nothing but sweet praise and straight up hallalujahs! Below is a translated excerpt:

“Some stories bring to mind not only american underground [literature] from the mid 20th century, but also present day phenomenon like the bizarro movement, and authors like Carlton Mellick III. I tip my hat to Michael Faun – one cool cat, indeed!”

The review can be read in its entirety here